Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Either Weigh...


Why do so many people struggle with their weight and wellness?
I believe there are several answers to that question, and I'll cover a few of them today.

I believe it is not because of a lack of information; it is a lack of motivation, self discipline and understanding. You need a total physical wellness system that helps you get active, eat smart, and stay accountable…and it has to be convenient and affordable.  However, that being said, sometimes hard work and discipline isn't always convenient.  It is a sacrifice- but anything worth achieving should be gained with a little bit of sacrifice to make the success all that sweeter!
We all need structure and a realistic plan of action if we are to break old habits and create new ones.
Some of us also need a little extra help by using scientific, healthy products to support our dedication and lifestyle.  Along with structure and a plan, I believe that true wellness can only be achieved if one has made the decision, and set their mind that they are going to pursue it.

Author, and noted speaker Andy Andrews speaks of Seven Decisions that I believe should be studied by everyone, and taken to heart as part of a realistic plan for success not only in weight loss and in achieving total wellness, but as it pertains to life in general.  For information on those seven decisions, I challenge you to visit Andy's website at www.andyandrews.com  Look for the Seven Decisions pdf under 'downloads' and 'printed resources'.  Those seven decisions will be a catalyst for change when you implement them into your life, and you will be glad you were exposed to them.  I'm living proof!

Let's  discuss some of the problems identified with why people struggle to lose weight and achieve wellness, and what some of the solutions are.  Technically, taking the Seven Decisions to heart would be one solution to achieving personal and physical wellness in your life, but let's go ahead and dig a little deeper.

Problem: Our system gets overloaded with toxins daily.
The obvious toxins are usually avoidable: alcohol, smoking, caffeine, high fat diet.
The hidden toxins are much more difficult to avoid. They would include: stress, fast food, fried food, preservatives, pollution, diet soda, sweeteners, trans fat, pesticides, medications, antibiotics, hormones, non-organic fruits and vegetables.
My solution is a specific product designed to naturally detoxify your body, daily. It will strip, sweep & flush toxins! It also allows for better absorption of nutrients from food and supplements. A nice side effect is it discards fatty lipids for heart health.

 Problem: We are a carbohydrate society and do not get enough quality protein in our daily diets.
After the age of 35 our bodies will lose 1% of muscle mass every year. It gets worse as we age. So by the age of 55, you may lose nearly 20% of your muscle tone, definition and strength.
Protein is made up of amino acids and is an important component of every cell in your body.
Hair and nails are mostly made of protein. Your body uses protein to build and repair tissues.
Protein is a building block of bones, muscles, cartilage, skin, and blood. You have over 650 muscles and nearly half of your body weight.
Most protein powders on the market only contain one source of protein, which limits absorption.
My solution is a specific product that contains four types of quality protein in a powder you make into shakes. They taste delicious! I suggest supplementing meals with protein and have a shake immediately after your workout.  
Yes, you're actually expected to move your body at least 3 times per week for at least 20 minutes. 

Problem: As we age, our metabolism changes and slows down. We also need energy to get through
our workouts! Adenosine in our body can hinder our ability to use the stored fat in our body for energy.
Adenosine serves as a regulator in our body and protects it from wasting energy. It promotes fatigue, so it conserves our body’s energy. For those that want to reduce the fat in our bodies, this works against us.
My solution is a patented energy bar that blocks adenosine in our body so it allows us to use our fat storage for energy! This bar costs a little over a dollar and tastes like a candy bar. It will help boost your energy levels, minimize fatigue, and reduce lactic acid build up. This means it decreases muscle soreness and increases muscle fiber recruitment for a more efficient workout.  There are even several Olympic athletes and medalists that use the solutions that I've shared, with amazing results!
Now don't those sound like secret weapons everyone would like to have?  I'd love to show you how you can add these products to your arsenal to begin helping you become healthier on purpose.  Contact me at yourwellnessdivas@gmail.com  to gather more information and become further educated, I am here to help you succeed.  

I personally utilize the solutions discussed in this post, and since doing so, I've lost 15 pounds in just under 7 weeks.   Becoming healthier on purpose is a decision- and dedication and steadfast resolve is key.  So, what are you waiting for?  Don't be the obstacle to achieving total wellness for yourself and your family!   

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Do I have to take my vitamins?

The big question lately seems to be: "Should I take vitamins?"

It's a good question, and in order to answer that question, one must educate themselves, and seek knowledge on the subject.

The Journal of the American Medical Association (2002) states that 'Doctors recommend that every adult regardless of age or health status needs a daily multivitamin to fill the nutritional gaps in his or her diet.  Simply put, we're not getting the minerals or vitamins we need from the foods we eat, nor are they as prevalent in the soil from which our foods are grown.  

Additionally, In September of 2009, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reported that only 14% of adults and only 9.5% of adolescents eat the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables every day.  That creates a huge nutritional gap!

If you are especially fond of processed foods (which I personally don't recommend) then your diet is seriously lacking in daily requirements of minerals and vitamins.  Your body doesn't make the needed minerals for it to function properly and efficiently- the only place to get that is from a supplement.

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Do you have all of the energy you need to enjoy life to it's fullest?
  • Are you frequently tired?  
  • Are your sleeping patterns less than optimal?
  • Are you listening to your body give you signs that you are giving it what it needs to run efficiently?
  • Are you thinking ahead and concerned about protecting your future health and well- being?
  • Are you under stress from today's fast pace?
  • Do you desire to protect yourself from the environmental pollution surrounding us?
  • Are you concerned about the possible genetic trends revealing themselves in your family's ongoing health history?

Did you answer “yes” to any of the above? 
If so, your answer could be- 'Yes, I need a supplement!'

Did you know...
  • That scientific evidence links nutrition to disease prevention?
  • That likely 80% of all cancer comes from environmental pollution?
  • (the air we breath, the water we drink, and the chemically tainted foods we eat, the toxic cleaning products we use...)
  • That the average American consumes 6 pounds of artificial chemicals a year?
  • That the housewife is the person most at risk from these dangers?
  • That only about 15% of all Americans are in vital good health
  • Most vitamins and minerals provide more than one benefit to the body.  Some maintain critical functions such as regulating your heart, while others maintain a strong immune system and help the body rejuvenate itself.
  • Your body has an incredible capacity to prioritize these benefits and allocate them.
  • In your body, vitamins and minerals are utilized first to maintain your critical life functions, and then- and only if there is enough- it will use them for rejuvenation, repair, and other more long-term benefits.  As a result, you may not feel a lot of difference if you skip a day or two, but over time, the deficiencies can add up.  Many illnesses and diseases, such as osteoporosis, have a direct link to vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

So you're probably asking "Why can’t I get what I need from the foods I eat?"  Good question!  Let's dig a little deeper-
  • The foods you eat are stripped of nutrients through refining and processing.
  • The foods you eat are laden with unhealthy fats (vs. healthy fats), sugars, high fructose corn syrup, corn sugars and salts, and are seriously devoid of other essential nutrients. 
  • A USDA government survey of 21,500 people found that not one single person consumed 100% of the U.S. RDA, from the foods they ate.
  • Due to the time it takes fresh foods to get from the farm to your table, 57% or more of the nutritional value can be lost.
  • The foods you eat can be harmful from the use of pesticides, fungicides, sulfites, and preservatives. 
Is there a solution?
-Well, Yes- you could eat freshly picked, organic foods, grown in soil that has been re-mineralized, then served raw or slightly cooked, in a way that is as close to their natural form as possible.  You would also need to eat whole grain breads/pastas made from flour ground fresh daily. However, few of us can spend our entire day hunting, gathering, and carefully preparing our food!

Is there a more practical solution for today's lifestyle?
-Yes, you can supplement your diet with the most natural, most organic, scientifically proven supplements on the market.

The testimonials we have from friends and family that have started to supplement their diet with multivitamins and minerals are nothings short of amazing-
Ready to learn more? Contact us now!

Because we are committed to helping you live Life in the Green Lane, a healthy diet is also a part of that road- for recipe ideas that are easy, quick, affordable, and don't contain processed foods, visit our list of favorite sites.  We've included some helpful recipe sites that will aid you in getting your family back to the dinner table for some good food and bonding!  Best of all- it's homemade and healthier!